Meet the Team: Huey Pretila

Nicknamed by his dad and known to his friends as “Huey,” he is a tech geek who unbelievably manages to juggle his studies while working on two jobs. He has been a basketball referee for many years now, and he has started working in a multi-national tech company recently. He is the family’s first boy wonder – gaining awards since he started pre-school up to recently. His achievements included the International Competition and Assessment for Schools (ICAS) by the University of New South Wales (UNSW), Australian Mathematics Competition (AMC), Project Toad – A Space Project, Tournament of the Minds (TOM), and so much more. He loves art and has been building on his skills which he first showed at merely 11 months old when he drew a parrot perched on a tree branch with unbelievable precision. He loves music and has even composed a melancholic song when he broke up with his first love. He is a prolific writer, as he has written amazing pieces that his mum didn’t believe he wrote.

He is the doting Kuya, or older brother, to his youngest brother Noah who is this book’s main character’s namesake. He is the go-to person for everything about computers, IT and other cyber stuff for this project and all else.