Meet the Team: Jun Pretila

Jun fondly calls himself the “Hydrographer” as he refers to the Hydrographic Surveying course he successfully undertook through the Royal Australian Navy School of Hydrography. A basketball fanatic, he is famous for his hoop moves and has been his two older boys’ mentor and a basketball coach, which he has done well as he produced two (2) MVP awards for his second son and a professional-referee-in-the-making out of his first-born. A Journalism awardee, he has been the editor-in-chief of several magazines and publications, too. A former Navy officer, he has led a training school and held various leadership and management roles as well. He has recently chosen to leave his flashy life to be physically with his beloved family. A man of passion, he is also a man of his word.

This project wouldn’t have been possible if not for his unrelenting will to tend to the needs and welfare of each and every one in the family team and their overall goals.