Noah’s Quest Obtains Another Outstanding Creator Awards Accolade

Noah’s Quest by Sev Emanuel Pretila gets another stint in the limelight as it lands an Honorable Mention in the recently-released list of Outstanding Creator Awards Book of the Year Awards recipients.

Aside from that, the book literally also now has a bouquet of awards as it wins not only 1 but 6 Outstanding Creator Awards for Fall 2022. The accolades include the following:

  • 3rd Place – Best Children’s Book of Fall 2022
  • 2nd Place – Children’s Chapter Books
  • 3rd Place – Middle Grade Books
  • 3rd Place – Action & Adventure
  • Honorable Mention – Children’s Motivational & Inspirational Books
  • Best Supporting Character for Mr Rainbow Pie

Earlier, the book also got other awards and recognition.

It has been named as a Firebird Book Award Honorable Mention recipient for 2022.

Several months ago, the novel also got a New York Book Festival Honorable Mention listing for 2022.

In 2021, the book has also received a Literary Titan Award.

Noah’s Quest also reached #2 in Children’s Books and #5 Overall among thousands of deserving entries for OnlineBookClub’s Book of the Year 2021 leaderboard.

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