Noah’s Quest: About the Book

In a strange land where magic is found everywhere, peace and balance prevail until a king and a queen become corrupted by their thirst for power and begin to threaten it all. This leads a young boy to a quest.

Is he really the one who could save everything and everyone from the chaos? What is his true purpose and importance? How could he face and conquer overwhelming challenges?

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About the Author

Sev Pretila

Sev Emanuel Pretila is a fifteen-year-old who lives with his family in Australia. He was only eleven when he wrote the original version of this book, which he called “Nandi’s Quest.”

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More About the Book and the Story Behind It

Noah’s Quest Gets 6 Outstanding Creator Awards

Noah’s Quest by Sev Emanuel Pretila literally now has a bouquet of awards as it wins not only 1 but 6 Outstanding Creator Awards for Fall 2022. The accolades include the following: Earlier, the book also got other awards and recognition. It has been named as a Firebird Book Award Honorable Mention recipient for 2022….

Noah’s Quest Receives a Firebird Book Award Recognition

Noah’s Quest, the first published book of Sev Emanuel Pretila, obtains another accolade. It has been named as a Firebird Book Award Honorable Mention recipient for 2022. This is not the first time that Sev got an award for his debut children’s book. Several months ago, the novel also got a New York Book Festival…

Noah’s Quest Lands a New York Book Festival Spot

The debut children’s book of Sev Emanuel Pretila, Noah’s Quest, has been recognized in the most recent New York Book Festival. It is one of the books that landed a prestigious Honorable Mention listing for 2022. Earlier, the book has obtained a Literary Titan Award. It also rose to #2 in Children’s Books and #5…

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