About the Book

In a strange land where magic is found everywhere, peace and balance prevail until a king and a queen become corrupted by their thirst for power and begin to threaten it all. This leads a young boy to a quest.

Is he really the one who could save everything and everyone from the chaos? What is his true purpose and importance? How could he face and conquer overwhelming challenges?

First Published on 21 August ’21 in Australia by ALPJ and Sons

Genre: Children’s Book on Values, Fantasy, Fiction, Children’s Chapter Book, Middle Grade Fiction

Themes: Inclusion, Acceptance, Family, Persistence, Trust

Reader’s Age: 7 to 10 years old (or up to 12 years old)

ISBN 978-0-6452727-0-3  (E-book edition)

ISBN 978-0-6452727-1-0 (Paperback edition)

ISBN 978-0-6452727-2-7 (Hardcover edition)